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Hard Water

Have Hard Water? Not Sure?

Dry Skin?

Hard water makes soap film stick to everything from shower doors to skin. The main ingredient in soap is a form of lye, which breaks down dirt. Certainly you wouldn’t put lye on your skin; however, you are doing just that every time you wash with hard water. The lye, which is a caustic material, sticks to your skin, thus drying it out. If you would like to prove it, wash your hands using soap and water. Now taste your finger. It should taste like soap. That soap is drying out your skin, which makes you want to treat the symptom by applying skin lotion.

Soap Film?

With hard water problems, soap curds instead of dissolving, causing soap to stick to the shower curtain and shower doors. This makes terrible messes out of bathroom shower areas and requires chemicals to melt the soap.

Dingy Laundry?

Hard water will cause clothes to become dingy and gray. The reason for this is because hard water makes soap want to stick to things instead of dissolve. Have you ever heard of stone washed jeans? They are jeans that are washed in extremely hard water. Hard water has minerals dissolved in it, which acts as an abrasive to clothing and wears them out prematurely. If you want to see why whites turn gray, simply take a dish towel and rinse it out in some distilled water. You will not believe how much soap will come out of the towel. The color of the water will be the same dingy color of your old whites.

Ruined Appliances?

Have you ever had to replace washers in your faucets? Does the handle on your faucet work roughly? Have you ever had to replace a hot water tank, dishwasher, or washing machine? If you had an Portasoft Water, the answer would probably be no. That is because an Portasoft Water removes the harmful contaminants dissolved in your water that damage your appliances and fixtures.

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