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Yellow Water

About Tannins

Have Yellow Water? Want It Clear?

Tannins (humic acid) are found in waters which have passed through large quantities of decaying vegetation. Tannins can cause yellow water and yellow staining on fabrics and fixtures. If you have Multiple Well Water Problems, see our Tannin Pro Series below the Tannin – One system designed to treat Tannins, Ferrous (clear water iron), Ferric (red/orange as drawn), Manganese (black staining), Soften Hard Water (calcium and magnesium scale), and Hydrogen Sulfide Gas (rotten egg odor).

The Tannin Pro – Remove Yellow Water

Unlike Most Water Softeners, The Tannin Pro is designed to soften your hard water as well as remove tannins (yellow water).

  • Throughout the whole house, Tannin PRO provides crystal clear, soft, tannin free water at every tap!
  • Removes up to 5ppm of Tannins!
  • Removes up to 40 grains per gallon hardness (684 mg/l)!
  • Prevents Staining on Bathroom
    & Kitchen Fixtures!
  • Prevents Staining on Dishes, Dishwasher, Washing Machine & Clothes!
  • Prevents Hard Water Scale!
  • Higher Quality Drinking Water!
  • Simple to Install – Connects to the Main Supply Line of your House!
  • Significantly Reduces Soap & Cleaning Product Consumption!
  • Provides Excellent Grooming
    & Cosmetic Benefits!
  • Reduces Water Heating Costs!
  • Prolongs the Life of Water Heaters – Icemakers – Dishwashers – Coffeemakers – Plumbing Fixtures!
  • Keeps Glassware & Silverware Sparkling!
  • Household Cleaning &
    Maintenance is Reduced!
  • Clothes are Brighter & Cleaner!
  • Reduces Existing Scale Buildup!
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